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О, да это затягивает.
(lj, I mean.)

Тогда продолжим выносить sore из избы.

23.12.01, NB2EC:
...I've been to "The Roytman Marathon", as it is apparently called. A psychology group, but not your regular support one - a more agressive one, with hysterics, psychodrama, long feedbacks and all.
Never have I been exposed to such a load of crap.
Feeling better though. It was fun at times.

The reason I'm writing to you is as follows:
sometimes, during this 60 hours, I've been looking at one of the chairs wishing you were sitting there.
I mean, you would kick this guy's ASS. You would crash him like a butterfly, manipulate this poor Belgorod know-all like a puppet. I wanted to see you taking his place, or just smearing him against the wall, so to speak, and walking out of the room like a king.

(Guess it means that in my mind you symbolize protection :) The Help, that will come i za menya otomstit. Funny, concidering how you used to treat me... vprochem, pardon, ya otlveklas'.)

Anywayz, I wish you would go there one of the next times. How come you never went to Marik Hazin to ruin his act, just for fun? Ruki marat' neohota? Ili ne hochetsa meshat' kollege zashibat' babki?


I mean, really. You could gather your OWN groups and conduct your own seminars just like that. This guys charge a fortune - you could break the prices charging, say, half (this niche is still half-empty in Russian Israel) - and stop your poor wife from complaining you're not bringing any money home on a regular basis. Or do it just for kicks. Great way to get girls, too - rumours are, KHazin uses all he can.

Or start charging me for every letter you answer - maybe it'll stop me from writing them.

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