Natalia Belenkaya (natsla) wrote,
Natalia Belenkaya

Англоязычный Бродский: стихи для детей

Продолжаем знакомить публику со стихами Бродского, написанными по-английски.

Cabbage and Carrot

One afternoon Cabbage visited Carrot
and found Carrot wearing something transparent.

"Oh, that looks quite fancy, that looks like fun.
But where are you off to in this cellophane?"

"You really think so?" blushed Carrot. "Well, I've...
Well, I've been invited tonight by the Knife.

"And I've been invited - please, don't get me wrong -
alone. I don't think I can bring you along."

"The Knife!" Cabbage shouted, disgusted. "Big deal!
Who cares for that cheap imitation of steel?

"I'm going out tonight, too, without you.
Two Spoons have invited myself for a stew."

[July 1995]

At the Helmet and Sword

One evening the Fork said to the Knife:
You are my husband and I am your wife.
Let's leave our teaspoons tonight to the Ladle.
It will sing them songs and put them in the cradle
While we hit the town and perhaps have a meal.
To me this idea has a certain appeal.

To me it has also, replied the breadwinner.
But what do you think you would have for a dinner?
You know, said the Fork, I can take what you take.
I think, said the Knife, we should order a steak.
And off they went both to the Helmet and Sword,
Where I ate alone and had no dessert.


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