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Резюме приятеля

Есть идеи?

Evgeny Chernis
Multimedia Developer / UI Designer
79 Bar Yohai st’. Jerusalem 93345. Israel
Tel: +972(54) 647-438, +972(2) 678-5149


6 years of experience in Multimedia Development and UI Design on different platforms. Multimedia programming, Product definition and flow, Look and feel, UI standards and guidelines, GUI and Visual design, Web design. Have created several full multimedia products.

Operating Systems: Windows 9x/2000, MacOs, PalmOs, WinCE, BREW
Programming Languages: Lingo, ActionScript, HTML, JavaScript, SuperTalk
Development Environments: Director, Dreamweaver, SuperCard, Astound
Animation & Movie Editing: Flash, Premier, Morph
Graphic & Picture Editing: Photoshop, Freehand
3D: Infini-D, 3D Max
Sound Editing: WaveLab, SounEdit
Office Tools: MS Office, Nisus

Work Experience

08/2000 - present UI designer. NomadIQ-Omnisky Israel. (Currently EarthLink Communications)
UI definition for Palm and Pocket PC service applications with main responsibilities on Location based and User Communication applications. User and task analysis, task flows, models for entire UI relationships, paper and working UI prototypes. Look and feel, Creative design and Visual design and supervision of entire service on Palm and Pocket PC. Demos and tryouts for applications on different platforms: BREW, Desktop PC, etc’. Development of UI/GUI tools and utilities. Design and implementation of NomadIQ web site.

02/1998-08/2000 Lead project developer and designer. Media Soft Art from Lomedia Ltd.
For each project: Product definition and management, Look and feel,
Creative Design, Programming
Some of the projects: “Learning with fun Windows 98” -
The best seller of all Windows training applications in Israel.
“ClickOn” - award of the best product of the month from
“Zombit” Israeli Hi-Tech TV channel

1998-1999 Freelance Flash animator. Versaware Ltd.
Create storyboards and animations from given scripts

1997-1999 Lead project developer and designer. Large multimedia project “Beloved Country” for Jerusalem Institute with Magbit Canada.
Visual design and programming
Consulting for programming issues in another project – “Holocaust”

11/1995-08/2000 Professor’s assistant, then lead developer, then multimedia consultant. The David Yelin Teacher’s College.


1992-1997 B.Ed; Natural sciences. The David Yelin Teacher’s College in Jerusalem

1987-1991 Violin and Chorus Conducting. The Academic Music College of Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory


Hebrew, English, Russian

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