Natalia Belenkaya (natsla) wrote,
Natalia Belenkaya

В фейсбуке никто не заинтересовался, ну и пожалуйста:

– Dozen bullets you'll face, dozen swords...
– I'm more threatened by our discords...
– Rocks and waves you will face on your way...
– Your disfavor I fear anyway!

– As the queen's all alone,
Victim to rumor base,
Will you aid her, my young lion-heart?
– I will go and return,
Taking my orders straight,
I don't know other queens
In these parts!

– Here's a mission for you: save the queen!
– All for saving my love in-between.
– Ah, the queen she will wait ten more days...
– You're the one who should wait anyways!


– I'm entrusting my fate in your hands...
– Trust the son of old Gascony lands!
– Be my pigeon, deliver the post!
– I've got wings that you can trust the most!..


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