Natalia Belenkaya (natsla) wrote,
Natalia Belenkaya

Милый дедушка Андерсончик, спасибо тебе, ты все сказал за меня.

As a certain Anglican priest of my acquaintance said, "Israel's OK........ If you're an orange."

[...]Actually, there are some old buildings and a welcome feeling of history preceding the concrete hideousness of the last 50 years. Truly an ugly city and dirty to boot, Tel Aviv has little charm but is the bustling centre of commerce and activity. Honest Israelis just want to enjoy the Mediterranean cafe society and live in uneasy peace - whatever their cultural roots and persuasion.

And it is easy to see the attraction of the pleasure dome. Bustling nightlife and a heady mix of local and tourist alike go about their nightly sojourns and weekend madness. Miniskirted gals and sallow-faced boys ogle each other without, seemingly, much expertise in what to do next.

Песня же!

bonus-track - раздает автографы после иерусалимского концерта:


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